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Tungsten Automation Learning Cloud

The Tungsten Automation Learning Cloud is an exciting new approach to product training. The Learning Cloud training platform provides not only learning content, but tools and services to make the learning journey a little easier, more interesting and fun. The Tungsten Automation Learning Cloud offers a host of benefits and provides its member with 12-months of access to our ever-growing library of learning content! The Learning Cloud is your assurance that you are getting the best return on your training investment.
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Role-based Training

Role-based training just makes sense. Sure, some training content can be applicable to an entire team, department, or company, but attempting to develop all content to serve everyone, frequently ends up serving no one. Our Role-based learning paths have proven to be much more efficient and effective. Distilling broad learning content down to the required volume of learning and applying it to a single role can create numerous benefits such as focused and personalized training that can help solve problems, fill skills gaps from expectation to reality, encourage more engagement and, save time and money. All of this can significantly improve the overall learning experience and translate to more and better skills.



A Tungsten Automation product certification identifying you as a Tungsten Automation Specialist will help give you the advantage amongst your peers in this competitive market. Individuals who have a proven track record of hard work and achieve a high level of certified technical training are noticeably outpacing those who don’t display this competence. Tungsten Automation now provides product certification exams together with role-specific learning paths designed to prepare you for certification and to assist you in adding to your skill set with vertical, role-specific expertise. Your Tungsten Automation certificate of achievement is now accompanied by a digital certificate that can be proudly displayed for others to see and verify your accomplishments.