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Tungsten Network Supplier Web Portal

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Course Title: Tungsten Network Supplier Web Portal
Skill Level: Introductory


Description: This course will begin by introducing the learner to the overall concepts, components and features of the Tungsten Network including the benefits it provides to both buyers and suppliers.

Learners will then progress to in depth training in how to use the Tungsten Network Supplier Web Form Solution Portal.

The Tungsten Web Form solution is intended for quick registration and and low-volume invoice processing.

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe the Tungsten Network capabilities
  • List the benefits and features for buyers and suppliers
  • Distinguish between suppliers webform and integrated solutions
  • Describe the Tungsten Portal interfaces
  • Describe how invoices are processed via the Tungsten Network 
  • List the invoice data capture options
  • Describe Tungsten compliance 
  • Describe buyer business rules 
  • Describe the Invoice Status Service
  • Update company details
  • Configure remit (bank) details
  • Connect with buyers
  • Add and delete users
  • Configure user access rights
  • Transfer administration rights
  • Create invoices and credit notes
  • View invoice status
  • Delete invoices
  • View purchase orders
  • Convert purchase orders into invoices
  • Generate invoice and purchase order reports
  • Manage report templates
  • View and purchase Tungsten Network Transactions
  • Pass a skill examination with a score of 80% or higher

Audience: Users of the Tungsten Network Supplier Web Form Solution Portal

Prerequisites:  To get the most from this class, we recommend the learner has a familiarity of invoice processing.

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