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Power PDF Administrator Technical Training | OD-PDF-ADM-041

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Power PDF 5.1 Update training is available now. Log into the course, and then scroll down to the Product Update Training section for the Power PDF 5.1 Update training component.

Course Title: Power PDF Administrator
Course ID: OD-PDF-ADM-041
Duration: 1-2 Hours
List Price: Free
Skill Level: Intermediate
Course P/N: TR-8000-0161V


This training facilitates administrative training for Kofax Power PDF Advanced. It is an introduction to the product, installation, licensing, configuration, and troubleshooting.

Objectives: After completing the curriculum, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe the various methods for enterprise level deployment
  • Perform a network deployment
  • Customize the Power PDF software package using the Power PDF Customization Kit
  • Perform configuration of Power PDF's collaboration functions in preparation for network deployment
  • Create Group Policies for use in global-centric enterprise deployments
  • Recognize typical privacy and security concerns, and how they can be addressed or enhanced through the configuration from the customization kit or through group policy administration
  • Identify how to utilize Kofax Support
  • Direct learners to important resources including additional Power PDF training resources

Methodology: The training is delivered using interactive lessons and videos covering theory and step-by-step instructions.

Audience: Technical personnel responsible for implementing and administering the Power PDF Advanced.

Prerequisites: No previous Power PDF knowledge is required, but prior software administration experience plus experience navigating Microsoft Windows server and desktop operating systems, knowledge of protocols, and other IT-related topics are strongly recommended.

Course Access: The course will be available for 365 days from enrollment. 

Power PDF 5.1 Update

In the Power PDF 5.1 training update, you will learn how to configure and manage cloud licensing for Power PDF 5.1. 

Your Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe the features and benefits of cloud licensing.
  • Describe the components and architecture of Power PDF Business Cloud Licensing. 
  • Describe the main features and user interface of the Power PDF Administration Portal.
  • Create an administrator account
  • Log into your administrator account
  • Register a new tenant.
  • Manage administrators.
  • Manage license and security contacts.
  • Manually add and remove users
  • Add and remove users using CSV (AD Export)
  • Assign seats
  • Synchronize users from Entra ID


Before you begin this training, we highly recommend you have a strong familiarity with the following technologies:

  • Power PDF Business (Formerly Advanced Volume)
  • Microsoft Azure/Entra ID

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