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This course has been updated for TotalAgility 8.0. Log into the course, and then notice the certification path now lists TotalAgility Apps 8.0. The Product Update Training section also includes TotalAgility 8.0 and 8.0.1 Update training components.

Where’s my TotalAgility 7.9 Citizen Developer Training?

If you have already started your TotalAgility 7.9 training, we recommend you complete it and then complete the 8.0 and 8.0.1 Update training components.

The TotalAgility 7.9 Citizen Developer Training is still available in this course. Scroll to the bottom of the training components and click the Show archived courses button. The 7.9 training components and your progress will then be displayed.

Course Title: TotalAgility Citizen Developer
Course ID and Course P/N: KTA-TRN-RCDEVV-000
Duration: The course duration tag includes video and reading time for all course components. Expect to spend 14.5 hours to complete the content, labs, and exams to earn badges through certification.
Skill Level: Introductory - Intermediate

Description: TotalAgility 8.0 has introduced new and improved ways to create workflows, making use of its no-code capabilities. This release has also enhanced workflow creation collaboration between Citizen Developers and Professional Developers. To help both job roles take advantage of these new no-code and collaboration capabilities, we designed this course to support a deeper understanding of these capabilities and supplement the theory with hands-on experience implementing and experiencing the design time and runtime operation.

This course is applicable for both Citizen Developers looking to develop workflows using no-code and Professional Developers looking to quickly develop workflows using the new TotalAgility capabilities. This course covers the following topics:

  • TotalAgility Apps
  • Copilot
  • Quick Workflow Level 1
  • Quick Workflow Level 2
  • Quick Workflow Capture
  • Quick Capture
  • Quick Classification
  • Quick Skins
  • Quick Rules
  • Business Data
  • Quick RPA

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the essential capabilities and components of TotalAgility
  • Describe the purpose and benefit of each TotalAgilty App
  • Implement KTA App functionality into a KTA workflow
  • Utilize the no-code operation of each of the KTA Apps
    • Quick Capture
    • Quick Classification
    • Quick Workflow
    • Quick Skins
    • Quick Rules
    • Business Data

Methodology: Interactive eLearning with hands-on activities and demonstration videos.

Audience: Anyone interested in implementing TotalAgility Apps and utilizing the no code workflow capabilities.


Course Access: 365 days from enrollment date

NOTE: The hands-on lab activities in this training require a TotalAgility system and configuration by an experienced KTA Administrator. 

Two options are available for this requirement:

  • Rent a Kofax Virtual Sandbox lab environment that is preconfigured for the lab activities. (Recommended. See details below.)
  • Administrator setup your training system by following the complete instructions included in the training. 

Virtual Sandbox

Virtual lab environments make training easy because they allow you to learn and test in a sandbox style system without the possibility of compromising your live system. Each virtual environment is preconfigured with all the software and necessary settings so there’s nothing left to do but start training.
Choose your options from the available list below. Each purchase provides up to 40 hours of access over a 30-day period, whichever occurs first. The exact allowed duration for each is specified with VMs listed below.

Please allow up to 48 hours after purchase for the environment to be created. You'll receive an email with instructions on how to access the environment once it's ready.

Product Duration Buy Link
TotalAgility 7.9/7.10/7.11/8.0
Supports Quick Apps
30 Days / 30 Hours $171.15 USD

This course also includes the following legacy training

  • TotalAgility 7.9 Citizen Developer
  • TotalAgility 7.11 Update

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