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Communications Manager | Installing Kofax Communications Manager

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Module Overview

Here you will learn how to conduct a full installation of Kofax Communications Manager, including the set up of the Repository Client, Contract Manager and installation he KCM service pack. 

This module is composed of text, image and video content. There is also a downloadable instruction guide at the end of lesson 3.

Learning Objectives

By the end of these lessons, you will be able to:

Pre-install Checks

  • Check Microsoft SQL Server is installed with the correct tables and user permissions.
  • Check Computer Manager for user permissions to run KCM services.
  • Check that the KCM License is in the system.

KCM Installation

  • Extract the KCM Software and execute initial installation.
  • Use MS PowerShell to set a range of parameters.
  • Point KCM towards the digital license.
  • Install the Repository Client.
  • Install the KCM service pack.

Post-Installation Checks

  • Run a test feature that demonstrates KCM functioning as desired.

Prerequisite Learning

Before taking this module, we recommend you have knowledge in the following:

  • Command line scripting
  • Microsoft Windows

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