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TotalAgility | Basic On-premise Installation

Course/Exam Description

This module covers deployment and licensing options for an on-premise TotalAgility implementation and how to install on a single server for training purposes. 

Note: This module may not apply to learners using TotalAgility Cloud. However, many TotalAgility training modules include practice activities that require a functioning TotalAgility system or access to a cloud development environment. 

Module objectives are:

  • Describe deployment and license options for TotalAgility.
  • Locate and describe Kofax documentation available for planning and performing an installation.
  • Describe the installation process and options.
  • Install TotalAgility on a single server for training.

Overview prerequisites:

  • None

Practice prerequisites:

  • A system to install TotalAgility that meets the minimum hardware and software requirements as listed in the TotalAgility Prerequisites Guide

Product Version(s): 7.7

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