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PSIsafe 11.x End User On-demand Training

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WHO: For PSIsafe Desktop End Users.

WHAT: What you need to know as a PSIsafe Desktop End User.

WHY: You have been tasked to learn a software application that will help raise efficiencies for you and your team. Like many applications, there are often multiple ways to perform the same functions. You need to know your options so you are empowered to work smarter. Once you pass each quiz in the Course, you unlock the next video resource. These videos are great to keep handy for refresher when needed. At the end of the Course, there are quiz-free bonus video shorts, we call PSIsafe Life Hacks -- tips & tricks to up your game. So, dive right in and learn as much as you can!

WHEN/WHERE: Take this Course in small chunks as you have the time. With your login credentials, you can access the Course from any computer with internet access. (Chrome is the preferred browser)

HOW: To get the most out of your learning experience, we recommend you use two screens while learning. On one screen, work through the videos and quizzes at your own pace, pausing and repeating as needed. On the second screen, have your PSIsafe application open and familiarize yourself with the navigation and functions as you are learning. Try it for yourself in tandem with the video presentations.

Keywords: PSIGEN

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