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PSIsafe 11.x Management On-demand Training

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WHO: For PSIsafe Administrators and/or the System Administrator.

WHAT: This Learning Path covers all sections of the PSIsafe Management console.

WHY: As PSIsafe or System Administrator, you will make a difference for your organization to move to greater efficiencies, making the most of everyone's investment. 
You will be responsible for configuring PSIsafe to maximize your internal processes, making internal process improvements through the platform, onboarding new Users in the system, and much more. 
That is why learning this content is so important for you and your teams. Once you ace each quiz, you unlock the next video resource. These videos are great to keep handy for refresher when needed. So, dive right in and learn as much as you can!

WHEN/WHERE: Take this Course in small chunks as you have the time. With your login credentials, you can get to the Course from any computer with internet access.

HOW: To get the most out of your learning experience, we recommend you use two screens while learning. On one screen, work through the videos and quizzes at your own pace, pausing and repeating as needed. 
On the second screen, have your PSIsafe Management application open and familiarize yourself with the Management matrix and its functions as you are learning. Try it for yourself in tandem with the video presentations. 


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